“The Dance of Martial Arts” Project


DECEMBER 1, 2022 TO APRIL 30, 2023

Villages: Bistritsa, Elin Pelin, and Petarch, Bulgaria


The Dance of Martial Arts Project is a grass-root project run and implemented by Vox Tua, a nonprofit association passionate about engaging, educating, and empowering children and the youth. This project will create a safe and innovative learning space for children and teenagers where they can develop interdisciplinary knowledge and fuel their curiosity for science.

The participants in the project will be students from fifth to twelfth grade from the following villages: Bistritsa, Elin Pelin, and Petarch. The project will reach a total of over 150 students.


The project aims to inspire disadvantaged children from fifth to twelfth grade to develop a passion for science through martial arts and increase their interest and appreciation for STEM careers. Through after-school lessons/lectures, the students will learn how sports, in particular taekwondo, are intertwined. That science can be applied to almost anything in the real world. They will also learn lifelong skills like critical thinking, problem-solving, collaboration, discipline, and confidence.

Participating Schools 

We have chosen to partner with three schools. The participating schools in this project are:

The Team Running the Project 

In the role of Director of the Project, Teodor Penchev will be leading and implementing the project. Teodor is a twelfth-grade student at the Sofia High School of Mathematics and a third-degree black-belt taekwondo student at the Taekwondo Club Sparta (ten years) and the Taekwondo Club S (one year). He has advanced knowledge and experience in science, especially in physics and mathematics, and has participated in international taekwondo competitions. Additionally, he has one year of experience teaching taekwondo to children. In the capacity of supervisor and mentor, Luis Lomeli, Director of Vox Tua, will support and guide Teodor to implement the project effectively. Luis has more than 15 years of experience in education and youth development around the world.

Structure and Information About the Project

The project will focus on Teodor executing after-school courses twice per week in three different schools for over 150 students for five months. Through these courses, the participants will:

  • Learn the applications of physics and mathematics in taekwondo. Understand how science plays an important role in sports. In this case, science is the music or mechanisms, and taekwondo is the dance moves.
  • Learn scientific theories through the movements of taekwondo. And to experience firsthand how to use science theories in punches, kicks, blocks, etc.
  • Learn how basic knowledge in science can be incorporated not only into martial arts or any other sports and allow you to become a better player and student.
  • Learn that the core of intellectual development lies in embracing and applying an equal exchange of ideas among different fields.
  • Learn effective strategies and methods to become a better team player.
  • Learn the importance and advantages of interdisciplinary learning.
  • Increase their participation in STEM fields.
  • Have fun learning.
  • Develop a unique team project in April. The students will present in front of the class a scientific theory through a taekwondo routine.