YouTube Science Experiment Videos


“The Young Scientist Project” (Проект Млад Учен) successfully concluded its first two stages – the experimental courses and the scientific kits. After a long-awaited break TYSP is returning with the third and last stage – the promised experimental videos! Each and every one of you can do the demonstrated experiments at home with accessible materials. The goal of this stage is to provide you with the opportunity to expand upon your curiosity, developed from the two initial stages. The team of “Vox Tua” has designed and filmed ten different experiments – from observing light refraction to creating a homemade volcano! All of the experiments are safe, but you MUST request assistance from an adult or a parent.

Your host is Georgi Ivanov, who already presented to you the 2 experiments in class last year. His aim is not only to show you more exercises that you can do at home, but also teach you the importance of mentorship culture. Rather than just watching him do the experiments, don’t hesitate to get your hands dirty! The aim of the videos is for you not to only follow his steps and do the instructions, but also simultaneously learn about what actually happens.

Due to the global pandemic, at the end of every video we are presenting to you short segments with a special guest-speaker:  Dr. Momchil Baev. Dr. Baev will familiarize you with important information regarding COVID-19. The goal of the third stage is to not only educate you on matters of science, but also shed light on health issues and measures that you can do in order to keep yourself and those around yourself. It is in the spirit of science that all of us need to educate ourselves, our friends and relatives on issues, related to COVID-19. Have fun while doing the experiments, and most importantly – stay safe!

You can find the videos on the official channel of the project: The Young Scientist Project